Want to secure grants with compelling applications written by experienced grant writers? Our partner experienced writers will take your proposal from the application to the writing and acceptance and approval stages.

Business and Financial Consultation

We provide business advice, financial management, accounting, reporting consulting to help small businesses and start-up companies improve their performance and face complex challenges.

Immigration Services

We provide assistance and help with completing and filling out immigration forms and documents for various requirements, such as citizenship, resident cards, new immigrants for the Biden parole program, and refugees program.


We specialize in translating documents from Haitian Creole/French to English or English to Haitian Creole/French.

Notary Public

We provide notary services. Various certified copies, power of attorney, licenses, bill of sales, permits, or any document that needs notarization. We can bring notary service to your office, home, or anywhere you are. We offer you convenient services.


Taxes are very complex for both individuals and companies; therefore, we are here to take the burden and stress from our clients before, during and after the tax season. Our goal is to offer affordable tax services to individuals and businesses. We also offer tax planning and advice.

Events and Gift Baskets

Finding the right gift is sometimes an overwhelming task. We are here to assist you with all of your Basket’s gift-giving needs. Looking to impress a recipient who has everything, thank a corporate client for their business, arrange baskets for your event (holidays, baby shower, wedding, valentine, birthday party, etc.) or show someone you are thinking of them? Our gifts basket arrangement with a variety of artisanal products and customized to your taste will surely be appreciated.
All gifts are up-to-date and well packaged choosely in a fancy basket.

Accounting and Bookkepping

We offer professional bookkeeping services that are cost-effective and top-quality to small businesses and start-up companies that don’t need a full-time bookkeeper but do need help
with their books. We are experts in using QuickBooks on every side.

Other Professional Services

We offer a consortium of other services. Check them out!

Cleaning Services

Have a unique cleaning need? We've got you covered.

Event Planning

we understand that every event is a unique opportunity to create lasting memories

Interview Skills

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success.

Referral Services

we specialize in facilitating meaningful connections, linking individuals and businesses with trusted partners who can help them thrive.

Advertising Services

we specialize in delivering comprehensive advertising services that elevate your brand to new heights.


we redefine the laundry experience, providing you with a convenient, reliable, and top-quality service that leaves your clothes looking and feeling as good as new.


Networking is a powerful tool for career development

Project Management

we specialize in turning visions into reality through effective project management solutions.

SBA Loans Applications

we understand the importance of this process and are here to guide you through every step of your SBA loan application.

Printing & Photocopy

we understand the importance of quality prints and the convenience of reliable photocopy services.

Resume & Cover Letters

we specialize in creating powerful, tailored documents that showcase your unique skills and accomplishments.

mobile services

We offer mobile services by going to your house or your office anytime, any day and anywhere. That is our motto. Work can be done remotely, either zoom call, or phone call, depending on which you prefer.

Skill Training

In the digital age, being technologically proficient is non-negotiable.

Business Expo Services

we specialize in providing comprehensive business expo services designed to make your participation a resounding success.

Imprinting Services

we understand that every detail matters when it comes to making a lasting impression.

Miscellaneous Form Filling

we specialize in simplifying the process, offering efficient and accurate filing solutions for a wide range of forms.

Photo Poster & Framing

we believe in turning your cherished memories into stunning pieces of art.